Global High Resolution H-alpha Network


01/01/2016 Observatório de Coimbra, Portugal (OAUC) becomes the tenth station of GHN.

01/04/2011 GHN starts to observe the Sun with H-alpha offbands at HSOS.

01/01/2011 Uccle Solar Equatorial Table (USET) becomes the ninth station of GHN.

02/27/2009 The network's maintenance is transferred from BBSO/CA to SWRL/NJ.

10/01/2008 Mauna Loa Solar Observatory/Hawaii joined the Network.

11/01/2007 Pic du Midi/Obervatoire Midi/Pyrenees joined the Network.

07/12/2007 Full disk observations at BBSO are currently not available due to works related to New Solar Telescope. We expect resume full disk observations by the end of 2007.

10/25/2004 Meudon Section of the Obervatoire de Paris joined the Network. The full disk Halpha images are taken with a spectroheliograph with 1 min time resolution.

02/26/2002: Now the Network includes 5 stations! Catania Astrophysical Observatory joined the Network.

11/15/2001: Observing Log from the Global H-alpha Network (charts) is available.

09/21/2001: Starting Spetember 21, 2001, Daily Full Disk Halpha Images from Huairou Solar Observatory are available.

08/06/2001: Starting July 11, 2001, Daily Full Disk Halpha Movies (512x512, mpeg) are available.

06/12/2001: BBSO Active Region Monior is available. These pages contain most recent solar images from BBSO, SOHO/MDI, SOHO/EIT.

02/06/2001: Logs of observations at all three sites are available.

12/01/2000: Hourly images from BBSO are available.